Now Drilling Underground

Geotech is pleased to announce that it has expanded its services into the underground drilling market. A specialized Hydracore 1000 Compact Drill, designed by Geotech and Hydracore for drilling in limited access cut outs, and a Zinex U5 were purchased in 2015/2016. Since March of this year, we have completed over 17,000 meters of BQTK and NWL underground drilling at one our remote arctic job sites with these units. Check out our drills HERE.

By utilizing effective concepts of surface drilling operations employed over several years, along with advisement from our experienced underground drilling services team, the transition to a service provider for this type of drilling has  been safe, efficient and successful.

We are excited to be offering another service to our clientele as we become the one stop shop for all your drilling service needs. For more information regarding our underground capabilities please contact or call us at 1-888-228-1234.