Geotech Canada - Alberta

Alberta, Canada

Geotech has operated in Alberta since the mid 1990’s.

Geotech Alberta was formally incorporated in 2004 to support the drilling projects Geotech was completing throughout the province. Geotech Alberta is focused on entering the Fort McMurray drilling market, and as of December 2015 has established a permanent operation center in Fort McMurray. Geotech is immediately pursuing infrastructure (geotechnical and environmental) projects in support of oil sands and pipeline projects in and around the Fort McMurray region with the objective of expanding into oil sands exploration coring programs.

Drilling Services

Infrastructure drilling involves exploratory drilling combined with testing and instrumentation installation to determine sub-surface ground characteristics for infrastructure development purposes including, but not limited to; tailings storage feasibility or upgrades, pipeline alignment investigations, hydro-electric dam feasibility investigations or upgrades, road network evaluation, environmental investigation / monitoring, and construction / foundation design for buildings.

Methodologies performed in this region include but are not limited to; auger drilling (hollow and solid stem), mud rotary, ODEX, air rotary, and soil / rock coring techniques.

Further to these drilling methodologies, Geotech also facilitates infrastructure down-hole testing and installations to obtain information required by clients for design or environmental analysis. Testing and installation techniques include, but are not limited to;

  • Testing
  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
  • Piston Sampling
  • Core Orientation
  • Vane Shear (nilcon and standard)
  • Hydro fracturing Testing
  • Packer tests (pneumatic and hydraulic)
  • Shelby tubes
  • Falling Head Tests
  • Installations
  • Monitoring wells
  • Vibrating wires
  • Slope inclinometer casings
  • Extensometers
  • De-watering wells


Geotech maintains one 2015 truck mounted M5XD drill rig in the Fort McMurray region, supported by a truck mounted pipe / consumable unit and all necessary ancillary tooling and equipment.

This drill is capable of completing an array of geotechnical investigations required by oil sands projects. Mounted on an International 5 ton chassis, the M5XD is capable of efficient mobilization to and from the project sites and minimized down time between drill-hole locations.

Geotech’s Fort McMurray operations have full access to the entire Geotech domestic fleet, which includes; more than 30 track / truck / skid / helicopter portable drills, a wide variety of mobile support units, and all necessary ancillary equipment.

MX5D Specifications


Geotech has completed multiple programs in Alberta and specifically in Fort McMurray region. Clients include; Suncor (Fort Hills), Syncrude (Aurora), Cenovus, Pembina, Shell, and various regional engineering / consulting firms.


Fort McMurray
Fort McMurray, Alberta

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