Expanding Operations to Fort McMurray

Geotech is pleased to announce that it has established a permanent operations in Fort McMurray, Alberta. We recognize the opportunities in the Wood Buffalo region of Alberta for drilling services, and wish to provide an advantage to our clients for decreased mobilization costs through a local contractor in the region.

Geotech has been operating in Alberta, including Fort McMurray, for over 15 years, supporting programs from our operations centers in Prince George and Vernon, British Columbia. Our team has been actively involved in numerous pipeline alignments, plant sites, and infrastructure programs. With this new operation center, we will work closely with local vendors and service providers to ensure we contribute economically to the region.

During December 2015 Geotech mobilized drilling and support equipment to our Fort McMurray yard in order to serve the region with Infrastructure (geotechnical & environmental) drilling services. This equipment includes, but is not limited to; a wheel based MX5D auger drill rig, a wheel based support unit, and assorted drill tooling to support augering methodologies. The Fort McMurray operations will also have access to Geotech BC’s entire fleet of over 30 drills and associated ancillary equipment.

What benefits does this new location offer?

  • Reduce or eliminate mobilization costs from for project sites in proximity to Fort McMurray.
  • Establish a base to support and improve the efficiency of project logistics before, during and at the completion of projects in the area.
  • Support local vendors and service providers for inventory and supplies.
  • Provide the opportunities and advantages of a “local” contractor.

Geotech genuinely believes that working safely enhances drilling production; we endeavour to ensure this belief is shared throughout the entire organization, from the new employee at the work interface, through to the most senior manager. Our commitment to this belief in “safe production” is critical in establishing and maintaining a safety culture which will extend to our Fort McMurray operations, ensuring our crews get home safely at the end of every day.

We are excited at the new opportunities which lie ahead and look to provide a sustainable business in the region for many years to come. For more information regarding Geotech’s drilling services in the Fort McMurray region, please contact our Marketing Manager at marketing@geotechdrilling.com or call 1-888-228-1234.