Drilling Fleet Growing to meet your needs

With another incredibly busy summer season under the belt, our team is proud to announce we have added to our fleet of SONIC drills.

Our team has recently added the larger version of our Terra Sonic TSi 150 Compact Crawler to our fleet, the TSi 150C. Although packing the same proprietary TSi Sonic Head Oscillator with150HP to generate powerful resonant sonic energy, this larger footprint unit adds more drilling flexibility, with a 32′ mast allowing 24.5′ of head travel. The larger the mast, the more efficient tripping can be, giving this unit the ability to trip 20′ rod strings quickly. 

The TSi 150C has an efficient yet robust design. Rugged tracks allows this rig to travel virtually any type of terrain and the drive system operates the feed frame with half the chain length and rollers of conventional drive methods. 

To say this drill rig is crew friendly is an understatement. Paired with a dedicated support crawler this set-up is a dream to work on. This support carrier is equipped with a work platform conjoining the units and allowing the crews to work above the elements that may be present on the ground (ice, mud, uneven surfaces). To top it off the support crawler is outfitted with a pneumatic lift with tongs to assist the crews with pipe, subsequently limiting the risks involved with heavy lifting.

These sonic units are great for your next geotechnical investigation including tailings facilities.

For the full specifications on this drill, click HERE. For any questions or to book this SONIC drill rig on your next project email marketing@geotechdrilling.com or call 1.888.228.1234.

TerraSonic Sonic drill coring geotechnical tailings siteinvestigation
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