Taking to the Skies with SONIC!

Welcoming the Hydracore Heli-Sonic 4000 

After months of research and development, in conjunction with our rig suppliers and technical experts, Geotech is proud to unveil the newest addition to our ever expanding fleet of drill rigs; the Hydracore Heli-Sonic 4000 (HHS4000).

In a world of remote project locations and an increasing requirement for continuous high quality samples, Geotech recognized the need for a remote access helicopter portable sonic drill.

The HHS4000 will revolutionize the way we complete continuous sampling in remote access areas. This drill is a multipurpose unit that can complete several drilling methodologies including but not limited to; sonic, coring, mud rotary and air rotary. Two hydraulic power packs are employed when the unit is sonic drilling, while an interchangeable mounting plate allows the replacement of the sonic head with a conventional rotary head to facilitate mud / air and core drilling.

Geotech’s Sonic division is capable of completing various types of drilling programs, including, but not limited to;

  • Continuous soil sampling in geotechnical and environmental/remediation investigations.
  • Down hole testing such as standard penetration tests and shelby tube sampling.
  • Investigations to optimize recovery or quantify reserves in mineral or aggregate exploration.
  • Confirmatory testing and continuous sampling during dam and levee investigations or remediation.
  • Installation of monitoring probes and recovery wells in landfill investigations and expansions.
  • Mirco-pile or earth anchor installation during infrastructure projects.

For more information regarding the HHS4000, its capabilities and availability, please contact us at info@geotechdrilling.com or 1-888-228-1234. You can also click HERE for the rig specification sheet.