COVID-19 Update

Geotech is actively monitoring COVID-19 in the regions we conduct our business. Geotech is closely monitoring reputable agencies and news sources for information as it becomes available to provide direction to our staff and their families. As the situation evolves, the health and safety of our teams remain our top priority. Through this unprecedented challenge we will focus on:

• Maintaining a safe work environment for all personnel;
• Minimizing the risk of virus transmission; and
• Ongoing support to our employees and their families.

All Geotech staff, contractors, vendors and associates will adhere to Geotech and our Client safety protocols. These protocols will be in alignment with the requirements of municipal, provincial and / or federal guidance related to COVID-19.

We have implemented various measures in the past weeks to help reduce or eliminate the transmission of the virus. The current steps are outlined below and are subject to change at any time as new information becomes available.

We will update our strategy and provide new information as it becomes available.

To all our clients, we are still operating and are here to assist you in any way. Please contact us at if you require any project assistance.