Environmental projects involve the specialized applications of geotechnical drilling methods to monitor the quality of sub-surface material and assist in the control and remediation of contaminant in this material. During this process, soil and groundwater samples are recovered for evaluation.

Many of these drilling projects are completed at fuel services stations, mining operations (for reclamation purposes), landfills and abandoned infrastructure sites. Environmental clientele of Geotech has ranged from multinational petroleum companies and environmental consultants, to city waterworks and mining companies.

The drilling methodologies utilize to collect the ground and groundwater samples include, but are not limited to; standard penetration, auguring, and soil/rock coring. For future evaluation, monitoring wells are typically installed, which facilitates monitoring of the groundwater quality.

Geotech’s Environmental services include projects across; British Columbia, Alberta, the Canadian Territories and the USA.

Numerous environmental consulting companies, mines, utility and fuel service station companies have sought Geotech’s environmental drilling services to complete projects, including, but not limited to; AMEC, Golder Associates, SNC- Lavalin, SLR Consulting (SECOR), BGC Engineering, O’Connor, Esso, Shell, PetroCanada, Suncor and BC Hydro.

Environmental Project Examples: