Tumbler Ridge Exploration Drilling Program

  • LOCATION: Tumbler Ridge, BC, Canada
  • DATE: 2006
  • EQUIPMENT: Track mount Fraste MDXL, track mount Fraste MDXL Max

Geotech has participated on exploration drilling programs at the Peace River Coal property since 2006 and continue to operate on three properties in Tumbler Ridge, BC. Currently Geotech has drilled over 80,000 meters between the properties of; Roman Mountain, Roman Northwest and Horizon properties. Challenging coal recovery during the initial years of operations pressed Geotech to implement a unique coring methodology, where air is utilized to core with a specialized bit rather than conventional diamond drilling techniques. This PQ3 air coring system has achieved great success in coal recovery and demonstrated Geotech’s resourcefulness and creativity.

A fleet of Fraste MDXL and Fraste MDXL Max track mounted drill rigs are used for the program to access drilling locations. Borehole depths of up to 370 meters rotary air blast and 275 meters PQ3 have been completed.


  • Mountainous terrain, minimal water supply and extreme weather conditions.


  • Implemented a unique coring methodology resulting in great success in coal recovery
  • With the ability to complete multiple methodologies, the use of track mount drills increased the overall efficiency of the program
  • Successfully completed a reverse circulation program