Snap Lake Mine

  • SECTOR: Mining
  • LOCATION: Northwest Territories, Canada
  • DATE: 2015

Geotech was contracted for a two phase two month drilling program in a remote area of the Northwest Territories at the Snap Lake Mine in 2015. The crews completed various methodologies of drilling and testing throughout the program phases which included; ODEX, Coring, SPT, CPT, and CRREL barrel ice auger sampling, which takes a core sample of the frozen ground. At the completion of the boreholes, the crews successfully installed thermistors, piezometers and monitoring wells. A Fraste MDXL was utilized on this program to complete borehole ranging from 50 meters to 150 meters in depth.


  • Due to extreme temperatures and wind, our team designed a “rig tent” that encloses the rig and support trailer to protect the crews from the harsh environment.


  • Based on the effectiveness of the “rig tent”, Geotech is looking to expand and use on future extreme environment programs.
  • Successfully completed boreholes ranging from 50 meters to 150 meters in depth.