Sierra Gorda Geotechnical Drilling and Testing

  • SECTOR: Mining
  • LOCATION: Sierra Gorda, Chile
  • DATE: 2010
  • EQUIPMENT: Fraste MDXL track mount drills (2), Fraste FS 250 track mount drill (1), Hydracore 2000 trailer mounted drill (1)

Geotech was awarded a program at the Sierra Gorda mine in 2010 to conduct geotechnical drilling and testing services. Based on the quality of service, Geotech was extended an opportunity to provide exploration drilling services, which were ongoing through 2012. During this period, Geotech also completed drilling operations at the KGHM (formerly Quadra FNX) owned Frankie Mine operation in central Chile. Throughout the program Geotech employed drill crews that consisted of up to 95% local national personnel, with only senior management/ supervisory roles occupied by Canadian employees. Through this socially responsible opportunity for nationals, Geotech was able to gain exposure to cultural and language sensitivity, which otherwise may have presented challenges.




  • Logistics in shipping equipment from Canada to South America.


  • Geotech successfully completed surface drilling operations, with borehole coring depths of up to 800 meters HQ and 400 meters PQ.
  • Geotech was successful through its training and implementation of cultural awareness, to create a lasting partnership between all groups over the course of the program.
  • By employing local, skilled employees, Geotech was able to overcome potential communication and cultural differences amongst the community.