Schaft Creek Drilling Program

  • LOCATION: Schaft Creek, BC, Canada
  • DATE: 2009 - 2013
  • EQUIPMENT: Skid mount Zinex A5 drills, Hydracore 2000 heli-portable drills

Geotech has participated on the Schaft Creek program since 2009, completing geotechnical drilling in 2009 and 2010, with shallow borehole testing for pit wall investigations. Testing included air rotary drilling through challenging overburden and packer testing within rock. Based on the success of the geotechnical drilling program(s), Geotech was extended the opportunity to complete an exploration drilling program in 2010 and 2011. After a break from drilling activity in 2012, Geotech returned to the Schaft Creek property to complete deep borehole geotechnical and exploration drilling services for Teck Resources in August of 2013. Throughout the geotechnical section of this program rigorous packer testing, core orientation, and vibrating wire installs were completed.

Exploration and geotechnical drilling services were completed with combinations of skid mounted Zinex A5 drills and Hydracore 2000 heli-portable drills, with borehole depths up to 900 meters. Zinex A5 drills completed drill boreholes up to 650 meters HQ3. Drill boreholes were collared with PWT casing, advanced with PQ through the overburden and fractured rock conditions, and reached the target depth with HQ.


  • Due to the geology of the Schaft Creek property, Geotech overcame operational challenges, successfully drilling through fractured material and voids in the ground.
  • Weather was an obstacle throughout the winter months and crews were continually vigilant of avalanche conditions.


  • A highlight of this program(s) was Geotech completing the deepest borehole ever successfully drilled on the property, by reducing from PWT to BQ to reach a total depth of 852 meters in 2011.
  • All work was completed without an incident.