Red Chris Mine

  • SECTOR: Mining- Geotechnical
  • LOCATION: Golden Triangle, BC - Red Chris Mine
  • DATE: 2017 - 2020
  • EQUIPMENT: TerraSonic and CPT Morooka

Geotech’s partnership company with the Tahltan Nation, Tahltech Drilling, has been retained by Newcrest Red Chris Mining (formally Imperial Metals), for numerous investigations pertaining to hydrogeological data modeling, geotechnical instrumentation installation in tailings structures and borrow source investigations.

The projects have been ongoing from 2017 through to 2020 as required, and have included multiple boreholes within the mine footprint, with depths up to 100m.

These depths have required varying sonic drilling techniques be implemented, with the use of mud drilling systems to aid advancement.

In 2019 Geotech also completed a Cone Penetration Testing program.


  • Remote access, deep and dense confining Glacial Till deposits.
  • Encountered high of artesian pressures and flows, which have resulted in the requirement to control and shut in the pressures encountered.


  • Using real time data and onsite field measurements, collaborative consultation with the hydrogeological client, a borehole closure plan was developed, where by the hole was stabilized with weighted drilling muds to retain the pressure.