Pacific Northwest LNG

  • SECTOR: LNG Marine- Geotechnical
  • LOCATION: Prince Rupert, BC, Canada
  • DATE: 2016
  • EQUIPMENT: Fraste MDXL drill rig, Sea Cans, anchor winches, ancillary equipment

Geotech participated in a nearshore geotechnical investigation program for the Pacific Northwest LNG facilities and pipeline.

Throughout the program Geotech provided 2 Fraste MDXL track mounted drill rigs, with ancillary equipment, completing an array of methodologies including; CPT, mud rotary, and rock coring. The program utilized the assistance of the WMS3 barge as a drilling platform.

Work consisted of geotechnical boreholes to maximum depths of approximately 150 meters below the seabed. Seismic Cone Penetration Testing (SCPT) was also completed to depths exceeding 50 meters below the seabed. Multiple platforms/vessels were used concurrently to complete the project scope of work (assets included dedicated drillship R/V Quinn Delta, two (2) 4-point anchor barges with tracked drilling equipment, and a dedicated seabed CPT unit.



  • Crews dealt with protestors throughout the project, creating the need to subcontract security personal and complete special training in the event of protestor encounters.
  • Frigid winter temperatures, changing tides and dynamic marine environment.
  • Deep water conditions to set casing.


  • Geotech completed the offshore portion of the program utilizing a floating barge with mud anchors; where Geotech overcame the challenges of the extreme currents and tides.
  • Utilized 3 platforms to complete the program.
  • Completion of deeper drill holes during tide cycles. Required smaller casing/rod pieces to be able to float with the tide.
  • Tele-viewing was successfully completed on the project