Northern BC Pipeline Investigation

  • SECTOR: Oil & Gas
  • LOCATION: Northeast BC, Canada
  • DATE: 2014
  • EQUIPMENT: Heli-portable Zinex A5 (2), track mount Fraste MDXL (2)

Geotech participated on a pipeline investigation with Thurber Engineering Ltd., in the spring of 2014 for multiple proposed creek and river crossings in Northwest, British Columbia. ODEX, wet rotary and HQ3 coring techniques were used to reach target depths. Overburden depths extended to 190 meters on some boreholes, where drill crews utilized HWT and HQ methodologies, combined with a rigorous mud program, to advance through to bedrock.

Two heli-portable Zinex A5 drills and two track mounted Fraste MDXL drills were used to complete the program; with hole depths reaching up to 220 meters.


  • Due to accessibility challenges during reduced visibility periods (night shift) and colder temperatures, 24 hour operations were used throughout the course of the program; in combination with watch crews at each drill to maintain equipment and water supply for the operations during night shift.
  • Additional challenges such as; access to water, artesian ground pressure and access to sites during the spring thaw period, were also overcome to complete the program on time.


  • Successfully completed the program, with hole depths reaching up to 220 meters.