New Gold Mine

  • SECTOR: Mine Tailings - Geotechnical
  • LOCATION: Kamloops, BC
  • DATE: 2017
  • EQUIPMENT: S20 Amphibious Platform & B53 drill

Geotech completed a geotechnical investigation program that included sCPT, CPT, in-situ vane, disturbed sampling and undisturbed sampling of soft tailings and beach deposits in 2017. Throughout the program Geotech provided an amphibious track mounted work platform in the tailings pond to support a CPT workstation during CPT testing. The CPT workstation was substituted with a B53 skid rig to perform sampling and vane testing scopes of work as well. The amphibious work platform allowed for easy access throughout the varying shallow water depths in the active facility.

Drilling methods included wet rotary techniques to advance samplers to collect soft soils with low strengths. Vane testing was conducted using electronic digital controlled down-hole testing that resolved peak and residual soil strengths on the order of 2 to 3 kPa. The program utilized the assistance of shore-based winches to maintain worker safety and machine mobility. Holes ranged from 10m to 40m in water depths ranging from 0m to about 3m.


  • Working in an active mine environment,
  • Inclement weather causing freezing mud to accumulate on the amphibious carrier tracks
  • Newly design tethered winch system from shore to prevent unit getting stuck in tailing pond.
  • Working on water
  • Working closely to existing infrastructure around and below the facility as well as multiple contractors and support.


  • Production estimates were consistent with the original proposed work plan.
  • CPTu production exceeded over 100 m/shift during some periods of high mobility with crews operating 12 hours a day.
  • Continuous piston tube sampling was carried out with consistent full recovery.
  • Project was completed using all “in house” drilling and CPT resources.
  • Successful use of an amphibious platform with a design tethered winch system from shore to prevent mobilization challenges.
  • Implementation of an execution plan for moving throughout the tailings facility without getting stuck