Merian Gold Drilling Program

  • LOCATION: Merian Gold property, Suriname
  • EQUIPMENT: Fraste MDXL track mount drill

Geotech participated on a 6 month program at the Merian Gold Property located 5 hours from the capital city of Paramaribo, in the Nassau Mountains of Suriname. All drill equipment was imported from Canada and inventory was supported through local vendors. Canadian employees were used for the majority of the program based on the need for specialized knowledge in geotechnical testing procedures. One Fraste MDXL track mount drill rig was utilized on the program to complete the surface drilling operations. Borehole coring depths of up to 300 meters PQ3 and 400 meters HQ3 were completed on numerous holes for a pit wall and tailings management investigation. Multiple hydrogeological tests were completed in each borehole including packer testing, air lift testing and falling head saturation testing, every 6 to 8 meters.

Geotech was in the process of responding to a tender for a future exploration contract with SurGold in 2012 with the opportunity of adding 3 to 4 drills to the property, until the program was delayed. Recently, negotiations to re-start the exploration/ construction program(s) have commenced and Geotech hopes to return to the property in 2015.


  • All of the drilling was completed in saprolite


  • In order to ensure complete recovery, a specialized face injection and core recovery system was used for the drilling.