LNG Nearshore Terminal

  • SECTOR: LNG - Geotechnical
  • LOCATION: Squamish, BC
  • DATE: 2018
  • EQUIPMENT: WMS3 Marine Barge & Fraste MDXL

Geotech participated in a nearshore geotechnical investigation program for the LNG marine facility near Squamish, BC.

Throughout the program Geotech provided a Fraste MDXL track mounted drill rig, with ancillary equipment, completing an array of methodologies including but limited to; CPT, mud rotary, and rock coring. The program was completed using our WMS3 barge platform.

Work consisted of geotechnical boreholes at the site completed in water depths of 100 meters. Operations were carried out in winter conditions and were completed on schedule and on budget.


  • Depth of water 100 meters.
  • Steeply sloped ocean floor caused challenges when setting casing.


  • Utilized land anchors to position on hole.
  • Efficiently switched between mud rotary, rock coring and CPT to collect high-quality data.