John Hart and Strathcona Dams

  • SECTOR: Hydroelectric Energy
  • LOCATION: Campbell River, BC, Canada
  • DATE: 2007 - 2010
  • EQUIPMENT: Track mounted Fraste MDXL, truck mounted B-80, heli-portable Hydracore 2000

Geotech has participated on multiple drill programs from 2007 through to 2010 at the John Hart and Strathcona Dams, on Vancouver Island, for seismic upgrade and penstock re-alignment investigations. Mud rotary methodology was used to drill through the overburden, and HQ3 coring was used to complete the boreholes for these programs. Drill testing was also completed by Geotech on this program and included; packer testing, hydro-fracturing testing, and undisturbed piston sampling.

Up to three drills were used on the program(s) to reach depths up to 200 meters; including a track mounted Fraste MDXL, a truck mounted B-80, and a heli-portable Hydracore 2000.

In addition to these programs, in 2011 a heli-portable program was completed between two active penstocks, with no other options for access. Geotech also completed a program at the John Hart Dam in 2014.


  • Access challenges


  • Geotech was the Prime Contractor on these programs and were responsible for all site logistics including; health and safety and an array of sub-contractors including; sonic drilling, cable tool drilling, and hydro-vacuuming services.
  • A total of 72 on site personnel were overseen by Geotech, including all sub-contractors and drill crews.