HD Mining

  • SECTOR: Mining
  • LOCATION: Tumbler Ridge, BC, Canada
  • EQUIPMENT: Skid Mounted Zinex A5 with specialized deep hole rod manipulator

Geotech participated on an 8 month deep hole HQ drilling program in the Peace River region of British Columbia for the purposes of specialized installation of a Westbay Multi-Level Groundwater Monitoring system and vibrating wire.


  • Numerous faults and coal seams were encountered while drilling, requiring cementing and multiple variations of mud programs to ensure successful completion.
  • Geotech also utilized a “Regan Stripper” blow out prevention system installed on the cemented surface casing, to offer protection for the crews and equipment against a potential pressurized encounter with methane gas, a risk when drilling through coal seams at depth.
  • Packer testing and tele-viewing were completed while trying to maintain and equalize methane pressure within the borehole.


  • With the direction of a third party oil/gas safety consultant, Geotech was able to implement the correct safe procedures to complete each installation and obtain the necessary information from testing. It was noted that of over 60 well sites within the Peace Region involving coal methane, one of the boreholes competed by Geotech was the highest methane pressure ever encountered; our crews approached each concern professionally and safely.
  • One borehole was advanced to a final depth of 1,004 meters with the installation completed at 974 meters; the deepest Westbay installation to date!