Greenland Hydrogeological Drilling

  • SECTOR: Hydroelectric Energy
  • LOCATION: Greenland
  • DATE: 2009
  • EQUIPMENT: Heli-portable Hydracore 1800 (2)

In 2009 when the company engaged in an international program in Greenland for a nine-week hydrogeological drilling program. The program involved a geotechnical investigation for a proposed hydroelectric project, utilizing a NQ3 coring methodology. Boreholes were then tested using hydrojacking techniques and completed with the installation of thermistors and vibrating wire wells. The program also included multiple shallow boreholes.

The program was completed using two heli-portable Hydracore 1800 drills, where drilling depths ranged typically between 5 and 50 meters, with two boreholes over 450 meters.


  • Drill rigs and drilling supplies were shipped to this extremely remote program by train to Halifax, NB; they continued by barge to the closest access point in Greenland (Nuuk) and then were flown by helicopter to the drill pads.


  • Although this program faced many challenges due to its remote location, Geotech was successful in completing the program on schedule, with zero safety or mechanical incidents.