Galore Creek – Exploration Helicopter and Skid Drilling

  • SECTOR: Exploration
  • LOCATION: Golden Triangle, BC, Canada
  • DATE: 2005 - 2012
  • EQUIPMENT: Zinex A5 and HP 200

One of Geotech’s first exploration projects was successfully completed in 2012 at the Galore Creek Property in Northwest British Columbia.

A total of 27,500 meters were drilled for this program utilizing both helicopter portable and skid mounted drills. Geotechnical boreholes were completed with packer testing and the installation of monitoring wells.

Five Zinex A5 drills and a HP200 geotechnical drill were utilized on the program to complete drilling and testing for exploration and geotechnical purposes. Borehole depths ranged from 800 meters NQ, 500 meters HQ, and 300 meters PQ.

The following was a quote from the Project Director for GCMC, Paul Cocklin;



  • Steep terrain was present requiring the need for heli-portable set-ups
  • The remote project site required advance planning and heavy logistics
  • Surface casing was drilled up to 175 meters in artesian and fractured conditions to reach competent rock


  • Due to the challenging location of the Galore Creek Property in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle, all components were transported by helicopter 100 kilometers into the mountainous terrain
  • One of the first projects Geotech worked with the Tahltan Nation on, hiring local First Nations to work on the project
  • Program completed within the required schedule; this included an additional 3,000 meters which was added to the program

“Galore Creek Mining Corporation had business dealings with Geotech Drilling Services Ltd from 2005 – 2012. During this time they provided excellent support in the areas of resource; geotechnical and over burden drilling. They provided a professional, organized and experienced service in all facets throughout the individual drilling programs. I can confidently recommend this company as a solid, reliable supplier, and experts in their field.”