Brucejack Mine – Geotechnical PQ Coring

  • SECTOR: Mining- Geotechnical
  • LOCATION: Brucejack Mine, BC
  • DATE: 2017
  • EQUIPMENT: Zinex A5

Geotech participated on a 2-month deep-hole monitoring well project at the Brucejack Mine. Boreholes were cored with PQ3 to 400 meters in depth, with a skid based Zinex A5 drill with a rod handler. A skid-based centrifuge was also mobilized in the program to contain all cuttings and waste, enabling efficient water management.

Due to the hydrogeological testing requirements, Geotech utilized minimal drill muds through the boreholes to ensure packer testing was accurate. Some areas required reaming and hole conditioning techniques to advance with bio-degradable muds.


  • Drill comparison to incumbent drilling contractor on site for several years
  • 100% closed loop recirculation of all drill cuttings/water
  • Large diameter drilling requiring multiple helpers for core handling
  • Core recovery and high production were maintained throughout the program


  • Maintained production in line with incumbent contractor
  • Successful completion of deep PQ core holes
  • PQ rod manipulator utilized to reduce opportunity for injury