Barkerville Gold Mines

  • SECTOR: Mining
  • LOCATION: Wells, BC, Canada
  • DATE: 2015 - 2016
  • EQUIPMENT: Zinex A5

Geotech initiated a skid mounted diamond drilling program in June 2015 on the Cariboo Gold Project, located in central British Columbia. In addition, Geotech completed a geotechnical drilling program for Barkerville Gold Mines, which highlights Geotech’s multidisciplinary diversification.

Over 99,000 meters were drilled in 2015 and 2016 with hole depths of 50 meters to 550 meters utilizing up to four Zinex A5 drill rigs


  • Due to ground conditions and challenging rock formations, a specialized mud/ polymer program was developed to maximize core recovery. This mud program resulted in a significant increase of recovery through the fault zones and a reduction of torque, enabling the drill teams to complete holes more efficiently. Former workings and mine shafts were encountered on this deposit creating further down hole challenges. Reducing to a BQTK drill string was implemented to ensure target depth was reached.
  • Mud re-circulation was required as another logistical component of the program, ensuring all drill returns were captured at the drill sites to address environmental concerns due to the proximity to a watercourse. To mitigate concern Geotech designed a system for the drills utilizing 16,000 gallon settling tanks and specific mud additives. This initiative was recognized by the client, and based on initial results, our company was nominated for an environmental best practice award.


  • Due to the success of these programs, Geotech was invited to complete an additional estimate of up to 60,000 meters NQ and 12,000 meters PQ for the 2017 program.