Aiken and Kahta Pipeline Sections

  • SECTOR: Oil & Gas
  • LOCATION: Northeastern BC, Canada
  • DATE: 2013 - 2014
  • EQUIPMENT: Heli-portable Hydracore 2000 (2), track mounted Fraste MDXL (1)

Geotech participated in a pipeline investigation in Northeastern, British Columbia in 2013 and 2014. A total of 17 boreholes were completed on the Aiken portion of the program with an additional 22 boreholes drilled on the Kahta portion of the proposed pipeline route. Boreholes were completed with ODEX, mud rotary, and HQ3 drilling techniques while completing standard penetration testing and shelby tubes in the overburden. On completion of the boreholes, Geotech installed various monitoring wells, slope inclinometers, and vibrating wire piezometers.

This program was successfully completed utilizing up to three drills, including two heli-portable Hydracore 2000 drills and one track mounted Fraste MDXL drill.


  • Challenging drilling conditions consisted of drilling during the winter season in subzero temperatures ranging from -30 to -50° Celsius, with helicopter portable drills.
  • Due to the remote location and weather conditions of the drill site(s), all water was flown into site and recaptured to reduce environmental impact, and to increase efficiency and utilization.


  • Further to the drilling program, Geotech was responsible for coordinating certain site services, such as, pad building (39+ pads), fuel storage and delivery and office space.