Gregg Drilling and Testing Canada

Since 1985, Gregg Drilling has been a leader and innovator in site investigation services.

Gregg Drilling and Testing Inc., has been conducting geotechnical site investigations to assist clients in determining ground conditions for over three decades and is currently one of the largest operators of Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) equipment.. In 2016, Gregg Drilling and Testing Canada Ltd., the Canadian division of Gregg Drilling and Testing Inc., became part of the Geotech Drilling Group of Companies after a long history of Gregg (headquartered in the US) and Geotech (headquartered in Canada) working together. The shared company experiences and capabilities were focused on delivering high quality site investigation projects in Canada and the USA. Now headquartered in Canada and Canadian owned, Gregg Drilling and Testing Canada Ltd., continues to deliver high quality in-situ testing and drilling services in support of the geotechnical engineering community throughout western and northern Canada.

Gregg works internally with their own in-house world-renowned experts in CPT technology, as well as externally with global leaders in CPT and other in-situ testing equipment to deliver best-in-class performance in the CPT market. Their successes and strengths in supporting the mining and energy sector revolves around their value based approach to obtaining high quality CPT, sCPTu, sampling and in-situ vane testing (among many other available tests) in marine environments, tailings ponds, dams, as well as in more traditional and routine land-based programs related to site development.

With multiple CPT platforms, mine site experience throughout Canada, and a highly experienced and motivated staff, Gregg Canada has the experience, knowledge and systems in place to successfully complete large and complex projects in the geotechnical investigation industry.

Best-in-class performance in modern digital CPT tools

Gregg’s main business focus is to provide uncompromising industry-leading CPT data collection technology, processes, and equipment to maximize the value they bring. Gregg works to published standards, high-quality management processes, and uses precision state-of-the-art tools that provide the data their clients can rely on to support their engineering decisions.

How does one ensure they are using in-situ tools that are unparalleled in performance? This job begins by going to Holland, “where CPT all began” and seeking out the best tooling. Gregg is proud to offer a line of equipment that is built and serviced by the best in industry. These state-of-the-art digital in-situ tools produced by A.P. van den Berg offer best-in-class performance with respect to any modern digital CPT tools on the market. Gregg works directly with the manufacturer to obtain equipment that is unmatched in performance, reliability and repeatability. The A.P. van den Berg tools deliver advantages through efficiency by using a fully down-hole digital system with next-generation temperature compensated sensors, real-time sensor readout and high-speed data communication to meet the exacting standards that we require, and clients demand. These tools are second to none in terms of quality and are used by contractors around globe, both on and off-shore

Further to these tools Gregg has a fleet of CPT platforms which include, amphibious, track, truck and barge. A CPT ram system can also be adapted to operate in combination with most drills.

Dr. Peter Robertson

Gregg also has access to the skilled knowledge of Dr. Peter Robertson as a technical director at Gregg. Dr. Robertson is an acknowledged authority on in‐situ testing techniques and particularly on the electric cone penetration and seismic cone penetration tests. He has authored over 100 technical papers on the cone, dilatometer, and pressure meter and published a manual on the use and interpretation of cone penetration testing.

As of 2016 Gregg Drilling and Testing Canada Ltd., is part of the Geotech Group of Companies and offers a full suite of competitive drilling and CPT services.

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