Gregg Drilling and Testing Canada

Since 1985, Gregg Drilling has been a leader and innovator in site investigation services.

Gregg Drilling and Testing Inc. has been pushing cones for over 25 years and is currently one of the largest operators of Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) equipment. With multiple drill rigs and CPT trucks, Gregg has the experience, knowledge and systems in place to successfully complete any size project. Gregg has an extensive experience in onshore and offshore CPT and drilling programs and have completed numerous similar programs safely, on budget and ahead of schedule.

Gregg Drilling and Testing Inc., opened a Canadian branch in 2014 named Gregg Drilling and Testing Canada Ltd (Gregg Canada). Gregg Canada and Geotech have worked on numerous programs together and as of 2016 Gregg Canada became a part of the Geotech Drilling Group of Companies and offers a full suite of competitive drilling and CPT services.

Gregg designs, builds and operates its own CPT equipment.

All of our CPT equipment is fitted for seismic data collection, and all of our cones convert data into digital format down-hole, which provides flexibility in operations, higher equipment reliability, and high quality data. Gregg understands that to design, build and operate safely, data quality is paramount. All of our CPT data goes through a rigorous QA/QC process that is centralized with the overall Gregg organization and includes reviews by senior technical staff prior to release. Data turn-around time is often with 24 to 48 hours of testing. All CPT data collection and interpretation is carried out as per ASTM D5778-12.

Our purpose-built rig fleet includes truck-mounted, track-mounted and self-propelled amphibious direct push CPT rigs. These enclosed units provide well-lit and temperature controlled workspaces for field crews, resulting in improved efficiency and worker safety. Where portability is needed, Gregg’s CPT equipment can also be transported easily to any of Geotech’s fleet of drill rigs where a one-rig solution adds value to the program, and/or where drill-outs are necessary.

Dr. Peter Robertson

Gregg also has access to the skilled knowledge of Dr. Peter Robertson. Dr. Robertson is an acknowledged authority on in‐situ testing techniques and particularly on the electric cone penetration and seismic cone penetration tests. He has authored over 100 technical papers on the cone, dilatometer, and pressure meter and published a manual on the use and interpretation of cone penetration testing.

As of 2016 Gregg Drilling & Testing Canada, is part of the Geotech Group of Companies and offers a full suite of competitive drilling and CPT services.

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