Client: BMC Minerals
Location: Ross River, Yukon
Drill Rigs Committed: 4 – 6

Geotech completed an Exploration and Geotechnical drill program on the KZK property for BMC Minerals, near Ross River, Yukon.

Throughout the program a crew of over 30 personnel drilled HQ3 and NQ3 core methodologies, including wedging, in challenging ground conditions, while recirculating drill returns when encountering sulphides. Through scope changes and adapting to real time adjustments, the Geotech crew maintained 60 to 70 meter per day averages.

Geotech completed “parent” and “daughter” holes while setting two- piece wedges to collect duplicate samples of the ore zone within the pre-determined drill holes. This was completed on 10 HQ size holes and required patience and focus to trip in and out numerous times at deeper depths. Once the exploration, metallurgical, and hydrogeological drilling programs were completed, Geotech transitioned to geotechnical drilling; which included, standard penetration tests, packer tests, and well installations.

This program was completed by a Hybrid Hydracore 2000 and Zinex A5’s. A total of 25,000 meters was drilled by 4 helicopter portable and skid mounted drills, with hole depths ranging from 20 meters to 450 meters.